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Playing through the pain - The show must go on

Tuesday 28th February 2017

February is the turn of the frontman of Stanley Park, Mr. Nick Parker, who has learnt some valuable lessons this month about playing in a professional Birmingham wedding band. Namely, the importance of the mantra: the show must go on!

2017 is now in full swing, and amazingly my #newyearnewme (cringe) health kick has still not wavered. I have become somewhat obsessed with recording how many steps it takes to walk from my work desk to the kitchen to make a coffee (212 if you were interested). However, even with my new diet, incorporating what feels like 4,000 fruit and veg a day, I was not immune to a recent case of man flu. Amazingly enough, I live to tell the tale…

This is due in part to a recent doctor’s charity ball we performed at. In the morning I felt like I should have been in hospital, but given that the majority of the county’s healthcare professionals were going to be at the event, it seemed the safest place to be, so I persevered. And I’m pleased I did. The evening was a huge success, with loads of money raised and a packed dance floor all night! And low and behold, I was cured!

“A miracle” I hear you say!

Unfortunately no act of God here, but I have learnt two things from this fateful day.

1. Man flu is (sorry gents) never as bad as we may say it is. We like to make a fuss, but put a sufferer in front of 500 people with a guitar and a microphone and see if they still moan about their sore head.

2. Doctors sure know how to party!

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