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Van Signs & Prayer

Friday 20th April 2018

They say it takes a whole load of luck to make it in the music industry and a few Saturdays ago, it felt like we were out of it!

Being a Birmingham wedding band means we often find ourselves travelling to all kinds of wonderful locations across the UK and for this particular gig, we were off to lovely Woodbridge just outside of Ipswich. On such occasions, we like to hire a van to get us to our destination. We've got a fair amount of musical and sound equipment that we use to make our live shows really special, so a van is a sensible way to do it.

However, on this occasion, only an hour into our three hour journey disaster struck and we got a flat tyre. We pulled over and phoned roadside assistance who informed us they'd be with us in an hour. We always allow a sensible amount of contingency time with travelling to weddings, so we weren't panicking too much at this point. Also, Tom our drummer just happened to have a hi-vis jacket on hand...of course!

When roadside assistance turned up, we were asked where the locking wheel nut was. We looked all over the hire van but to no avail. It had gone missing! At this point, I must admit feeling a little uncomfortable. Luckily for us, however, we had a rather practical roadside assistance guy who managed to prize the spare wheel cage open with a mixture of make shift tools and shear brute force to release the spare wheel. An absolute hero. After 1 hour 45 mins, he got us back on our way!

Two hours later we made it safely to the venue and still had plenty of time in hand to set up (there's often a benefit to speeches always over-running!) From there on in the evening turned into a fantastic occasion, as we performed for Tareq and Lou in the beautiful Bruisyard Hall. The whole wedding party were great from the word go; we should have guessed that would be the case by Tareq and Lou's excellent choice of 'Everlong' by Foo Fighters for their special request. What made the evening more special was the fact that Tareq and  had chosen us based on seeing us perform a year before in Cheltenham at a Doctor's Ball. You can read about that gig here.

This weekend we're off to the Lake District (no rest for he wicked for your favourite midlands wedding band!)...let's pray we won't be pulling the hi-vis out again.

Kind Regards, Andy x

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